Where Are Bridgestone Tires Made?

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Founded in 1931, Bridgestone is one of the oldest brands out there. They’ve been around for over 90 years and have manufacturing plants in many countries all around the globe. They’ve got 19 plants for raw materials, 47 Bridgestone tire factories, 29 plants for tire-related productions, and 89 diversified product plants. Globally, Bridgestone also has 11 proving grounds and 4 technical centers.

Some of their major manufacturing plants are located in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania/Asia, and Africa.  

It goes without saying, the question of where Bridgestone tires like the Bridgstone Turanza QuietTrack are made has no simple answer. It’s a massive brand, and you’re in for a wild ride! So, make sure you read this article to the end! 

Major Spots of Bridgestone Tire Factories

1. Bridgestone Tire Factories — Australia

Bridgestone’s manufacturing in Australia began in 1980. They started off in the region by taking over plants that were operated by Uniroyal at the time. However, one of their major Australian manufacturing plants, located in Salisbury, South Australia, was decommissioned in April 2011. 

Bridgestone also has a number of state offices in all Australian states. They’ve got a large number of outlets retailing their tires across the country. 

In 2000, they also purchased the retreading plant previously owned by BANDAG and took over its operations under Bridgestone Australia Ltd. 

2. Europe

Bridgestone also has a massive presence in Europe. They have their European head office situated in Brussels, Belgium. They have 7 production plants in Europe. They also have an enormous research and development center near Rome, Italy with an area of 32 hectares.

In the UK, there are no Bridgestone tire factories. However, they have a technical bay in Coventry where tires turned in by unsatisfied customers are inspected. 

3. North America

Bridgestone does a significant part of its manufacturing in the North American region. In 1983, they purchased their first North American plant in Tennessee to start the production of radial tires for buses and trucks. They bought it off the well-established Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. 

Bridgestone has another plant in Tennessee that’s mainly responsible for producing steel cords for Bridgestone tires. The plant is situated in Clarksville, and it’s called the Metalpha. Metalpha is currently ranked as the top global steel cord provider in the global market. 

In May 1988, Firestone came under the huge Bridgestone umbrella as a new subsidiary company. This brought a large number of global Firestone production sites under the Bridgestone organization. These manufacturing plants were scattered around the Americas, New Zealand, Europe, and a few other locations. 

Bridgestone also began production in Turkey. They established regional corporate offices in the Americas and Europe in 1992. 

Bridgestone’s American subsidiary — Bridgestone Americas, Inc. (BSA) — is based in Nashville. Bridgestone, along with its subsidiaries, designs, produces and markets its tires through a close-knit network of production and distribution facilities across North America.