Continental TrueContact Tour Review

With tires, you need to strike a balance between comfort and fun. For instance, high-performance tires will be the most fun to drive with, but that ‘fun’ is only limited to the driver’s seat as it comes with a bumpy ride with nothing luxurious about it. That’s where some touring all-season tires come in with sheer practicality and optimal ride quality — such as the Continental TrueContact Tour. 


The Continental TrueContact Tour’s tread compound has thermally activated functional polymers and +Silance additives. It’s a highly advanced tread compound, and something like this is unheard of within the all-season touring category. The unique tread compound composition alone provides improved braking, traction, durability, and fuel efficiency with the TrueContact Tour. 

Besides the rubber’s high quality, Continental has also designed it with a well-engineered tread pattern. It’s symmetric, with cross patterns and four grooves going around the tire for optimized hydroplaning resistance. 

On-Road Performance

The touring segment doesn’t have much better to offer than the Continental TrueContact Tour when it comes to handling. The ride feels highly responsive with grippy cornering and excellent stability. The impressive braking distances make you feel safe no matter what situation you are in on the road. 

Wet Performance

Thanks to its effective hydroplaning resistance and an industry-leading tread compound, the tire handles wet conditions well. You won’t lose any stability or control in the rain, neither will you struggle for traction in the corners, making it a superb performer in wet conditions.

The TrueContact Tour’s braking distances are class-leading, showing how big of a difference those tweaks in the tread compound make. In the rain, it’s easily one of the best tires you can find in its category. 

Snow Performance

The TrueContact Tour loves traction; it doesn’t let go of it no matter how slippery the situation gets. It’s the same on snowy roads — maintaining ample grip for a safe drive on light snow with impressive braking distances. 

However, that always comes with a disclaimer that if the winters get harsher, there’s no way around getting a set of winter tires installed. Otherwise, you always run the risk of getting stuck in thick snow in the middle of nowhere. 

Off-Road Capabilities 

Some of the tire’s bigger sizes can fit crossovers, but the TrueContact Tour isn’t meant for offroading. You’ll ruin its precious tread if you take it on rocky surfaces or chips, as it’s a touring tire that’s not designed to take that kind of a beating. Not to mention, you won’t get any decent traction on muddy tracks either. 

Ride Quality

Like all touring tires, the TrueContact Tour performs well in terms of Ride Quality. It’s actually one of the most luxurious and noise-free tires you can find on the market. You won’t feel the road’s imperfections in the cabin, and it’s pretty quiet even on the highway — so no complaints here. 


The TrueContact Tour is a successor to the already best-in-class Continental TrueContact. It’s designed with lots of practicality in mind, including optimal fuel efficiency, a lasting tread life, safe handling and braking, and an overall comfortable ride. It’s one of the best choices you can make for a comfortable ride and optimal on-road performance.