Firestone Winterforce 2 Review

All-weather or all-season tires are good enough for most drivers all year round. They’re designed to perform just fine in any condition — whether it’s a sunny day, heavy rain, or even light snow. But even the best ones won’t get you through thick snow and icy roads. In those harsh winter conditions, you’ll need a tire that’s designed to handle it all — something like the Firestone Winterforce 2 or the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Winterforce 2 Features 

The Winterforce 2 has heavy claims on its back from Firestone. It’s also got a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol certification. No matter how bad your winters get, this tire is supposed to be grippy enough to get you through anything. 

All of that comes from a carefully designed tread and a special compound that’s handpicked for cold conditions. The result is optimal traction on icy and snowy roads. 

The special winter compound also enables the tire to be sufficiently pliable even on peak winter days. It works well with the directional pattern on the tread. It’s got deeper grooves, a zig-zag tread pattern, and aggressive biting edges for boosted snow traction.

On-Road Performance

Winter tires are designed to have aggressive edges, which are known to take a toll on the car’s handling. It’s the same with the Firestone Winterforce 2, though it has relatively decent handling when compared against other winter tires. Sure, it won’t respond as well as some track tires, but its traction, cornering, and braking are still good enough for daily use on dry tarmac.

Wet Performance

Like sabotaged handling on dry tarmac, winter tires are also known for having the best hydroplaning resistance. The Winterforce 2 follows that trend — providing traction, braking, handling, and a safe drive on wet roads.

Snow Performance

Snow is what you’re meant to drive the Winterforce 2’s on. The performance is excellent in every way — no questions asked. While some of the industry leaders like Blizzak’s WS90 may perform better by a thin margin, the value-for-money is insane with the Winterforce 2. It’s a budget-friendly tire that holds its own against the Blizzak WS90 — that’s impressive.

The tire offers outstanding traction and handling on snowy and icy roads with super impressive braking distances. You can also consider attaching some studs for even better performance in extremely harsh winter conditions. 

Off-Road Performance

It goes without saying — don’t take any winter tires off-road. You will not have a good time, and neither will your tire’s tread condition. 

Ride Quality

Due to the enhanced biting edges, the overall tread design — the tire noise situation isn’t ideal with the Winterforce 2. It’s not loud enough to be a significant disturbance on your highway journeys, but there are certainly quieter tires out there if that matters to you. 


There’s really no way around getting a winter tire for your car for areas that get brutal winters. If you’re on a budget but still don’t want any major compromises on performance, then the Firestone Winterforce 2 is a solid option. It’s super easy to recommend, regardless of the type of buyer you are.