Goodyear Assurance MaxLife Review

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

The tire market is extremely diverse, and it continues to broaden its horizons by the day. Every buyer has a unique set of priorities, and the market has something for everyone. However, there’s one quality in any tire that every buyer looks for, and that’s durability. The Goodyear Assurance MaxLife — as the name suggests — aims to fulfill that requirement like no other tire in its category. 

Standard touring tires are known for their lasting tread life, and the Assurance MaxLife comes from the same category. In this review, we’ll go over its features and performance in different conditions — so let’s get into it. 

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife Features

Some of the biggest selling points of the Assurance MaxLife are its high fuel economy, reliability, value-for-money, and well-rounded performance in all conditions. 

The tire’s mileage numbers are the highest in Goodyear’s tire manufacturing history. Considering the company’s huge reputation, outclassing all of their previous tires for an all-new mileage record is a pretty big deal! It says a lot about the research and development work that’s gone in designing the Assurance MaxLife. 

On-Road Performance

On dry tarmac, the Assurance MaxLife feels pretty ordinary. The steering response is limited, but that also means it won’t be a bumpy ride for your passengers. The give or take between a sporty feel and a comfortable ride is subjective, but if you enjoy driving, the lack of steering response might get a bit jarring. 

With that said, the Assurance MaxLife doesn’t disappoint in terms of traction and grip. It’s got excellent cornering performance even at high speeds, and you’ll always feel confident enough at all times. 

As the name suggests, the tire is designed for durability — but you wouldn’t be able to tell by how surefooted and stable this tire feels even at highway speeds.

Wet Performance

The Assurance MaxLife performs better in rainy weather, as odd as that sounds. Even at higher speeds, the tire never loses contact of the surface and always feels in control. The braking distances are also pretty short with sufficient traction for straight-line stability and cornering.

The Assurance MaxLife’s wet performance can be placed somewhere close to the Continental TrueContact Tour, which is a class-leading wet performer. 

Snow Performance

The Assurance MaxLife isn’t the best on snowy roads, and you’ll notice that right from the get go. Sure, it’s usable in light snow with some level of traction to work with, but competitors like the TrueContact Tour easily outperform the MaxLife on snow-covered roads.

However, icy surfaces is another story. The Assurance MaxLife somehow pulls ahead of the pack on icy roads — and that’s a pretty big achievement as even the best all-season tires tend to struggle on ice. 

Off-Road Capabilities

This tire comes in sizes that can also fit an SUV, but it’s not made for off-roading. It doesn’t have enough traction to get you through slippery wet rocks or deep mud. Not to mention, the treadwear won’t get out of the off-road unscathed — so keep the MaxLife on-road to get the ‘max life’ out of them. 

Ride Quality

Like most other touring tires, the Assurance Max Life is an ideal tire for highway traveling. However, the tire’s comfort level and quietness aren’t on par with many premium competitors. The cabin vibrations or noise aren’t too intrusive, but noticeable. 


If durability rests at the top of your priority list when you go tire shopping, the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife deserves to get shortlisted. With an 85,000-mile warranty for treadwear, it doesn’t get more ‘long-lasting’ than this!