Maxxis Razr MT Review

Maxxis Razr MT

Designed to offer impressive off-road performance and unmatched on-road comfort and grip, the Maxxis Razr MT represents the latest technologies in the tire market. It’s meant for all sorts of jeeps, SUVs, trucks, and 4×4’s. It doesn’t get fazed by the roughest and toughest off-road patches. It’s also a smooth daily driver for city use. This one’s an ideal SUV tire for most people, so make sure you read this review all the way to the end. Let’s begin!

Maxis Razr MT — Tire Overview

Maxxis has used a chip and cut-resistant tread compound designed for sturdy off-road toughness. The company backs the Razr MT’s tread life with a 40,000-mile tread warranty — which is unusually high for an MT tire. Moreover, most new tires have a 10-11/32-inch tread depth, but the Razr MT takes it a step further with a tread depth of 20/32 inches. 

The Maxxis Razr MT is mainly built for off-road use, and it’s easy to tell that by its design. Its tread pattern is symmetrical with aggressive center blocks for muddy conditions. 

Even though the tire is designed and marketed to be an off-road champ, Maxxis has still packed good on-road practicality into the Razr MT. For instance, the tread block sipes help with road grip in wet and snowy conditions. Moreover, the sculpted center blocks and symmetric tread pattern help reduce road noise. You’d think an aggressive off-road tire would be loud on the highway, but that’s where the Maxxis Razr MT surprised us. 

Build Quality and Warranty

When it comes to off-road tires, one of the most critical questions is how tough is its build quality? Thankfully, Maxxis realizes that. They’ve reinforced the tire with a dual-cord armored body ply tech. It consists of 2-steel, 3-polyester, 2-nylon belts — and a 3-ply polyester sidewall. With a build like that, the tire’s casing strength is bound to be extraordinary. Many off-road enthusiasts see this tire as one of the sturdiest in the MT category. 

Moreover, the aforementioned 40,000-mile tread warranty makes the package reliability even more reassuring.

Dry Road Performance

The Maxis Razr MT isn’t primarily designed for on-road driving, but it sure doesn’t disappoint. Considering its category and the price tag it wears, you shouldn’t have any significant complaints about the tire’s performance on dry roads. 

There’s ample road grip, reliable handling, and sufficiently short braking distances. The tire also offers decent directional stability, and that’s all you need from an all-terrain SUV/truck tire. 

Sure, some premium alternatives to the Maxxis Razr MT might offer better steering response and traction. However, the Razr MT checks all the essential boxes and doesn’t fall short of providing a safe driving experience in the city. 

Wet Performance

The Maxxis Razr’s tread block sipes seem highly effective in the rain. The Razr MT carries itself quite well on slippery pavement considering its price and category. It’s no highway tire, so as long as you keep your expectations in check, the Razr MT won’t disappoint you. 

You’ll have decent levels of traction and cornering grip on wet roads. The circumferential grooves provide good enough hydroplaning resistance. Braking distances aren’t too long either! 

Snow Performance

Snow isn’t the Razr MT’s strongest area, and that’s easy to guess judging by its type and price segment. With that said, it can easily handle light and unpacked snow thanks to its large center blocks. Handling feels reliable with safe braking distances. However, as the snow gets thicker, the tire’s winter weaknesses become more apparent. 

Like any other all-season MT tire, the Razr MT is barely usable on thick snow or icy roads. So, if you get extreme winters where you live, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Only dedicated winter tires can safely get you through conditions like those. 

Off-Road Performance

Now we’re talking! Off-road is where the Maxxis Razr MT really shines. It’s got everything you need for an all-out off-road experience in your truck or SUV. 

Its tread compound is optimized for the ultimate performance on muddy terrain, so you’ll always have impressive levels of traction in such conditions. 

The tire has effective mud and stone ejection solutions that keep all types of debris out for optimal off-road traction. 

The tire also excels in rock climbing, thanks to its innovative sidewall design. With reduced air pressure, its sidewall seems to merge with the tread surface for easier handling over jagged rocks, soft terrain, and wet sand. 

The tire’s handling on hard-packed surfaces like gravel and dirt is excellent. There aren’t any significant performance complaints regarding the Razr MT’s off-road capabilities. 

Ride Quality

Ride quality doesn’t get the highest priority from tiremakers for their muddy-terrain offerings. However, you can’t deny that even off-road enthusiasts spend most of their driving hours on paved surfaces. Keeping that in mind, the tire is built to be comfortable and practical enough for a decent on-road experience. 

It’s sufficiently quiet and doesn’t let the road’s imperfections torture your back. Honestly, that’s all you need from an MT tire’s ride quality and comfort. 

You’ll still encounter some road noise at higher speeds, but it never gets overbearing or excessive. The same goes for smoothness — off-road tires need to have sturdy and stiff sidewalls, which means some bumpiness is inevitable. However, Maxxis has done an excellent job balancing things out and maintaining the Razr MT’s on-road practicality. 


The Maxxis tire brand has been around for over half a century, and they’ve built quite a reputation for solid performance. For years, their trailer tires are still some of the best offerings you can find in the market. The Razr MT has everything it needs to continue that legacy in the realm of off-road performance. It handles all terrain types with ease and grace. 

Air it down, and it’s one of the most reliable off-road companions you can have on a rock climbing track. Moreover, it’s not a pain in city and highway driving, and that’s rare for MT tires of its caliber. Overall, if you’re looking for a solid off-road performer with a sufficiently comfortable on-road ride quality, the Razr MT deserves a close look!