Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Review

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate
Safe to drive in wet conditionsNo warranty on treadwear
Quite and comfortableA bit pricy as compared to some competitors
Exceptional grip on dry tarmac
Great snow traction for an all-season van tire
(3PMSF) Winter rating
Built to be durable and take on heavy loads

For regular four-door sedans, there’s tons of choice in the tire market. Many types and variants take certain weather conditions and performance requirements into account. Every driver gets to drive with tires with custom specs to meet their needs. However, it’s not the same for van drivers. The Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tire is bringing this underserved demographic some tire innovation!

Say hello to the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate

The tread pattern on these van tires hasn’t evolved as much with time either. However, like the trendsetters they are, Michelin has once again switched things up in the market.

This time, they’ve set the bar higher for the commercial van tire niche within the tire market. One of their latest van tires — the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate — resembles a typical all-weather tire in many ways. 

This provides excellent traction year-round, which means a lot to the commercial van tire market. It hasn’t seen a tire that performs decently in the snow for years — not even the ones with an all-weather tread compound. 

As vans typically carry heavy consignments, a slippery drive isn’t safe for the driver in the winter. However, stopping deliveries during the winter season would bring insurmountable losses to companies. After all, Christmas wouldn’t be the same if the gifts never get delivered.

With the Agilis CrossClimate, Michelin seems to have solved this problem. 

With that said, let’s take a deep dive into its features, performance, pros, cons, and whether or not you should buy it.  


Michelin seems to have given their all to make the Agilis CrossClimate as comfortably, durable, and grippy as possible. It’s an impressive feat, especially when all of the limitations of commercial van tires are taken into account. 

With a 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) snow traction certification, it’s safe to call this one an all-season tire for vans and light trucks. 

To ensure that the tire doesn’t crumble under heavy loads, Michelin has employed a ‘CurbGuard’ sidewall protector. It prevents scrubbing against curbs. They haven’t cut corners in this area, using twice the amount of nylon reinforcement as the Defender LTX.

They’ve also taken measures to enhance its tread life. Through MaxPressure Profile, they’ve optimized the footprint of the Agilis CrossClimate to distribute the wear and tear evenly.

Its StabiliBlock design features longer and wider tread blocks, keeping the rubber cooler and giving vans higher traction. 

Michelin’s durability tests on this tire saw a remarkable 10% to 20% lead over the closest competitors. 

Overall, the tire’s directional tread pattern performs well on wet, dry, and winter conditions — making it truly worthy of the ‘CrossClimate’ in its name.

Dry road performance

Usually, tires with 3PMSF ratings don’t do so well on dry paved surfaces. That’s because generally, the better a tire performs on snow, the worse it performs on dry tarmac. However, the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate’s dry road stability is surprising!

Not only does it feel stable even at higher speeds, but it also stops quickly on dry roads. Even with heavier loads, the aggressive tread patterns provide sufficient grip for short stopping distances.

In simple words, it’s easily one of the top commercial van tires in terms of dry road performance.  

Note: Michelin offers two variants of the Agilis CrossClimate, one with a directional tread pattern and another with a regular (non-directional) tread pattern. In the case of dry tarmac performance, the directional tread feels more responsive and stable.

If you’ll mostly drive on dry roads where you live, it’s worth going with that one. However, the regular one doesn’t underperform either.  

Performance in wet conditions

Even during rainfall, the Agilis Cross Climate doesn’t disappoint. They’ve incorporated highly effective hydroplaning resistance mechanics into the tire, and it shows. Even driving through significant puddles, your vehicle should feel stable and grippy.

There’s enough traction to get you through wet tarmac days as well. In wet conditions, a heavier load helps — but you’ll do just fine without it, too. 

When it comes to braking performance in wet conditions, the tire shares the top-tier league the best all-season tire. It has enough traction to stop shorter than most competitors in rainy weather.

In all conditions, you’re in for a safe and comfortable ride with the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate.

Snow Performance

The Agilis CrossClimate is marketed as a genuine all-season tire — as the name suggests. However, not many tires justify their categorization within this class. Some lack on dry tarmac, while others are just too slippery on wet roads or snowy conditions. 

That changes with the Agilis CrossClimate, with significantly higher snow traction than most close competitors in its class. The grippy tread pattern also helps with shorter stopping distances and easier cornering on snow. 

For many van drivers buying this tire, it’ll be their first time experiencing an all-weather solution that genuinely walks the talk.

Off-road capabilities

Off-roading activities don’t belong in the commercial van tire category. However, some gravel and dirt patches can cross your path during delivery driving. In those unavoidable situations, the Agilis CrossClimate’s durable build will get you through just fine. 

Ride quality

Being an all-season tire, it’s not the quietest tire out there — but that’s to be expected. It’s not annoyingly loud, and it’ll probably be much softer than the tires most delivery drivers are used to.

Commercial-grade tires like the Agilis CrossCimate don’t prioritize luxury but safety and durability. Keeping that in mind, the ride quality is reasonably comfortable for its class.


Michelin has successfully produced a commercial van tire that genuinely performs well in all weather conditions. In many ways, it’s the first-ever tire to pull this off within this market segment — and it’s a remarkable achievement. 

If you don’t have tight budget constraints and need a durable van that you don’t have to replace with changing seasons, the Michelin Agilis CrossClimate is the one for you.