Nexen N5000 Plus Review

Nexen N5000 Plus

The tire market has tons of different categories for tires, and newer ones keep popping up with technological advancements. However, the one quality in tires that naturally sells to the masses is practicality. That’s why the most popular category within the market is all-season passenger touring tires. 

Even you probably have a set of touring tires installed in your passenger car. However, most drivers want some extra performance out of their tires for some added thrill into their daily driving. For that, you’d need high-performance tires that come with somewhat deal-breaking caveats like stiff and loud ride quality. But what if you could split the difference between comfort and performance? 

Say hello to the Nexen N5000 Plus — an all-season touring tire with just enough performance attributes to keep you thrilled behind the wheel. 

65,000-Mile Treadlife Warranty

The best part about the Nexen N5000 Plus is that it provides you with high-performance perks without sacrificing practicality and durability. And that’s evident by its massive 65,000-mile treadwear warranty! Even the biggest brands out there rarely ever dish these out. It’s easily one of the biggest all-season tire warranties within the segment. 

Dry Road Performance

Even though the N5000 Plus is a touring tire at heart, the Nexen brand has put significant emphasis on making it fun to drive. Now comfort and driving thrill are complete opposites, so aiming to pack both qualities into the same tire was always going to be challenging. But that’s what sets this tire apart — they did it!

On dry tarmac, the Nexen N5000 Plus offers great steering response, sharp handling, and lots of traction to work with. The tire effortlessly grips onto the road even as you enter and exit tight corners. The credit mostly goes to design features like a broad contact patch, shoulder block placement, ribbed pattern, and siping details. 

Moreover, the tire’s high-quality tread compound matches up to the performance potential of its design. As a result, you get an incredibly responsive, comfortable, and durable tire — all in one!

Wet Performance

The rain makes some of the best touring tires falter — but not the Nexen N5000 Plus. Thanks to its wide circumferential grooves and an all-season tread compound, the tire deals with wet conditions like a champ. It offers decent handling, steering, and wet traction even on the dampest surfaces. It’s got enough hydroplaning resistance to cruise over a deep puddle of water without losing balance. However, braking distances could have been a bit better — but it’s nothing deal-breaking.

Snow Performance

The Nexen N5000 Plus is an all-season tire, so it’s supposed to have some level of usability in the snow. Judging by the tire’s decent performance in wet and dry conditions, we expected this tire to fail miserably on snow. Fortunately, the tire proved us wrong. 

On light snow, it offers respectable traction and safe handling. Braking distances are long, but still within the usable range. However, it’s not a winter tire, and that becomes obvious as soon as the weather gets worse. On icy roads or thick layers of snow, you won’t have functional levels of cornering grip, braking performance, or control. There’s just not enough traction in extreme winter conditions, and that’s exactly why winter tires exist! 

If you live in areas that get brutal (and long) winters, the Nexen N5000 Plus isn’t a reliable choice unless you plan on swapping them out in the winter. But if you live in a neutral place with not-so-extreme winters, this tire should be practical enough for year-round use.


The Nexen N5000 Plus is an amazing value-for-money choice for passenger vehicles. It’s the ideal tire for drivers looking to add some sporty thrill to their daily drives without letting go of the sweet practicality, comfort, and durability. It’s pretty affordable and definitely deserves to be shortlisted if its qualities match what you’re looking for.