Patriot A/S Review

Patriot A/S

All-season passenger tires comprise the biggest chunk of the tire industry, and for good reason. You’ll find them under most city cars as they satisfy the basic needs of a casual daily driver. For instance, Patriot’s take on the all-season passenger tire, their Patriot A/S aims to provide reliability and performance at an affordable price tag — and we’re here to test that. Let’s get into the review!

On-Road Performance

Being a budget touring tire, you can’t expect the Patriot A/S to have a sporty feel. However, the tire doesn’t fall short on handling on dry tarmac. It offers decent levels of stability, traction, and performance on the road, and it’s honestly impressive for a budget tire. Braking distances are also short enough!

Overall, the tire doesn’t leave any box unchecked for the basic needs of the average city driver. The A/S gets outclassed in performance and steering response when compared against the premium alternatives, but it certainly punches above its weight class within its low price bracket. 

Wet Performance

The Patriot A/S doesn’t crumble in the rain either. It’s not as grippy as, say, a premium wet champ from Michelin, but it can definitely hold its own. You’ll have ample traction and stability in wet conditions as long as you drive at safe speeds.

Cornering with the Patriot A/S feels safe, too! Braking performance could be better, but it’s not too bad — especially for the tire’s price bracket. Overall, as long as you keep your expectations in check, you’ll be satisfied with the tire’s wet performance. 

Winter Performance

Don’t let the tire’s average wet performance undermine its winter potential — it’s an all-season tire, after all. The Patriot A/S has numerous lateral grooves and a soft tread compound which help improve snow traction. The tire feels stable enough on light snow and offers safe braking distances. 

However, as the weather gets worse, so does the Patriot A/S. It’s not suitable for extreme winters, but you could say that for every all-season tire in the market — budget and premium alike. 

There won’t be enough traction on icy roads, and you’ll be at risk of getting stuck in thick snow, so you’re better off with a set of winter tires for such conditions. However, if it doesn’t get that bad where you live, the Patriot A/S will reliably get you through light to moderate winters. 

Ride Quality

Optimal ride comfort is the primary aim of all passenger touring tires, and the Patriot A/S fits into the category well. Keeping the tire’s economical price in mind, you’ll be impressed with how smooth and silent it is on the road. Whether you’re on the highway or cruising in the city, your passengers won’t have any complaints about the ride quality. 


Some of the tire’s highlights are decent dry road handling, lasting tread life, and a comfortable ride — and isn’t that all you need from a passenger tire? Unless your country gets brutal winters, the Patriot A/S should have everything you need for a pretty affordable price.