Patriot Tires Review

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Established in 2016, Patriot Tires is an American tire brand that produces budget-friendly tires for SUVs, trucks, and passenger cars. They mainly operate in the United States and are still pretty new to the market. For only having been around for 5 years, they’re growing fast, with some of their models already competing against established brands like Firestone, Goodyear, and Michelin. 

They stand out in the market by undercutting the industry’s average pricing, providing brand new options to buyers who would otherwise consider buying blemished, re-treaded tires or bald tires. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Patriot, its lineup, and what the brand is all about. Let’s jump right in!

Who Makes Patriot Tires?

Omni United

Patriot Tires is an American subsidiary of Omni United — an enormous Southeast Asian tire conglomerate. Some of their other brands in the United States are American Tourer, Tecnica Tires, Radar Tires, Agora Tires, and RoadLux. These brands combined sell over 5,000,000 tires in the US each year, putting Omni United right up there with 40 of the biggest global tire makers.

G.S. Sareen founded Omni United back in 2003, and the company’s graph has continued snowballing to new peaks since then. They’re set to cross $1,000,000,000 in revenues this year.

The Patriot Brand

Patriot Tires started in 2016 as one of Omni United’s many subsidiaries, and it has matured into quite a noticeable brand since then. It has played a significant role in broadening Omni’s share in the US tire market by acquiring more and more wholesalers and distributors and expanding its US workforce. 

Omni United also has one of its oldest Headquarters in Michigan and has had several tire warehouses operating on the west coast since 2010. 

Are Radar Tires & Patriot Tires the same?

The two companies share the same parent, but they’re both unique in terms of their branding, corporate presence, and tire lineups. Moreover, unlike Radar, Patriot claims that their tires are designed, engineered, and tried in the United States. Rader tires, on the other hand, are developed in Southeast Asia. 

Where Are Patriot Tires Made?

Rubber Sources & Manufacturing Facilities 

Omni United’s website states that Patriot Tires are made in Asian countries like Thailand, India, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The most significant component of the tires — its rubber compound — is developed in Thailand and Malaysia. 

American Footprint

Patriot tires designs are engineered and developed in Omni’s Michigan offices exclusively before being sent to Taiwan and other Asian countries for production. 

The company has various warehouses and distribution centers across the US west coast to improve supply chain reliability and minimize operating costs. This means buying Patriot tires primarily supports American workers thanks to Patriot’s sizeable US footprint.

Are Patriot Tires Good?

If you compare Patriot tires (or any budget-friendly tire) objectively against premium tires of established brands, they’ll most likely get outclassed. That’s because when a century-old brand like Michelin makes a tire, they use decades worth of research and development to defend their brand. Patriot, on the other hand, Patriot isn’t the same by any means. 

However, brands like Patriot have already won the loyalty of a sizeable percentage of American tire buyers due to the value for money they offer. They’ve caused quite a disturbance in the tire market by aggressively undercutting the competition in price, which is always great for final consumers since it forces every brand to be more competitive.

Patriot tires are generally a decent choice and will last you years and thousands of miles. They use a silica-based tread compound in their entire lineup, and the only other brands doing that are huge names like Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear. Omni United has big things in mind for Patriot, and we’re already starting to see a glimpse of that in some of Patriot’s latest tires. 

What Does Patriot Sell?

None of Patriot’s tires come standard on a brand new vehicle (also known as OEM tires). They offer replacement tires for SUVs, trucks, and some passenger cars. 

Patriot makes truck and SUV tires for all sorts of intended uses. For instance, they make all-terrain, rugged terrain, and touring highway tires for elevated and passenger vehicles — all of which fulfill unique needs. If you’re someone who hasn’t ever taken their truck off-road, the highway tire (Patriot H/T) is an ideal choice. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, the R/T+ — Patriot’s highest-end off-roading tire — will serve you well!  

Patriot’s passenger car lineup is simpler as it’s pretty limited and caters to different buyers based on their budget and quality preferences. Their higher-end offering is the Patriot RB-1+, while the Patriot A/S is positioned as their entry-level tire for mid-sized sedans.

The Patriot Tire Lineup

Their current lineup consists of 7 tires — 4 truck tires and 3 car tires.

Patriot RB-1 Plus

As the successor to a pretty popular budget-category tire in the all-season touring category, the Patriot RB-1 Plus had some big shoes to fill. It does quite a few things better than the RB-1, such as better winter traction, a sportier feel, and improved styling, etc. But is all of that enough for us to recommend this tire? Keep reading to find out. 

Patriot H/T Tire

Patriot H/T

SUVs and truck drivers haven’t had a lot of cheap tire choices without significant compromises on performance and comfort. However, manufacturers like Patriot are set to change that by undercutting the market with cheaper alternatives like the Patriot H/T. 

Patriot RB-1

Patriot RB-1

The all-season touring category is one of the biggest segments of the tire market, and Patriot claims a piece of that pie with the Patriot RB-1. It’s meant for mid-sized city cars and claims to offer a blend of performance and reliability at an affordable price point. The American tiremakers claim to have used state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies to design and manufacture the Patriot RB-1.

Patriot A/T

Patriot A/S

All-season passenger tires comprise the biggest chunk of the tire industry, and for good reason. You’ll find them under most city cars as they satisfy the basic needs of a casual daily driver. For instance, Patriot’s take on the all-season passenger tire, their Patriot A/S aims to provide reliability and performance at an affordable price tag.

Patriot A/T

The Patriot A/T is an all-terrain (as the name suggests), all-season tire meant for trucks and SUVs. It’s designed to have no compromises for off-road use while still being a good enough performer on the road. 

Everything from the tire’s tread design, siping detail, and tread compound seems to be optimized for dynamic all-weather performance.

Patriot R/T

The Patriot R/T is a rugged terrain tire designed to provide stellar off-road performance and a sophisticated and comfortable ride on the road. It can go anywhere a typical mud-terrain tire can and doubles as a smooth and quiet city driving tire. Its category fits somewhere between an all-terrain and a mud-terrain truck tire.

Patriot R/T+

The Patriot R/T+ is an enhanced variant of the R/T. These tires are marketed to provide a mix of well-rounded all-season offroad and on-road capabilities. The R/T stands for rugged terrain, and according to Patriot, the R/T+ can take you anywhere a pure M/T (muddy terrain) tire can. They claim to have coupled “on-road comfort and sophistication” with the tire’s powerful off-road performance.