Patriot RB-1 Plus Review

Patriot RB-1 Plus

As the successor to a pretty popular budget-category tire in the all-season touring category, the Patriot RB-1 Plus had some big shoes to fill. It does quite a few things better than the RB-1, such as better winter traction, a sportier feel, and improved styling, etc. But is all of that enough for us to recommend this tire? Keep reading to find out. 

On-Road Performance

If a sporty feel is what you’re looking for, you wouldn’t generally go for a touring tire. But despite being a budget tire, the Patriot RB-1 Plus might surprise you with its somewhat thrilling steering response. You won’t have any handling issues on dry tarmac whether you drive it on the highway or city roads. 

There’s always enough traction to work with whether you’re accelerating, cornering, or simply cruising down the road. Braking performance is also pretty sharp as compared to similarly priced competitors. 

The fact that Patriot has achieved more than enough cornering grip and high-speed traction with an all-season compound is quite impressive — that too at such a low price! The tire gets a full-on green light from us on dry roads. 

Wet Performance

The Patriot RB-1 was already decent in the rain, and the RB-1 Plus seems to perform even better. The tire has wide circumferential grooves going around it which do a great job at keeping water out at high speeds. Thanks to the tire’s effective hydroplaning resistance, you’ll always be stable on a wet road. 

With that said, even the highest-end tires are prone to slippage in the rain so you should always drive safely and slow down in the corners. As long you drive like a normal person, the Patriot RB-1 Plus will be a reliable companion on a rainy day. 

The braking distances aren’t bad either, especially compared to other budget options in the all-season touring category. 

Winter Performance

All-season touring tires don’t have a great reputation for winter performance, and the RB-1 Plus isn’t extraordinary either. However, it can still handle light snow well, which is pretty impressive considering the price tag it wears. 

As mentioned in the intro, the RB-1 Plus handles snow slightly better than the RB-1. The tread blocks and lateral sipes on the tire help maintain stability and traction on snowy roads — it’s an all-season tire after all. 

With that said, we wouldn’t recommend going for a drive on icy roads or thick snow with Patriot RB-1 Plus tires installed. You need a proper winter tire for conditions like those if you don’t like getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

Off-Road Capabilities

The larger sizes of the Patriot RB-1 Plus can fit CUVs, but that doesn’t mean you can take them off-road. You won’t get any reliable traction on mud or wet rocks, and the tread won’t make it out scarless either. Sure, you can get through a rough patch in a pinch, but that’s that. 

Ride Comfort

If there’s one thing a touring tire does right, it’s ride quality. The RB-1 Plus provides a sufficiently soft and quiet ride. The tire does a good job at eating up the road’s imperfection, but you might hear a slightly noticeable buzz at highway speeds. Nothing deal-breaking here!  


Just like the Patriot RB-1, the RB-1 Plus is one of the cheapest options you’ll find in its category. At that price point, you shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary. However, we found the Patriot RB-1 Plus punching above its weight class with spot-on basics like ample dry and wet traction and sufficient stability on light snow. If you don’t get extreme winters where you live, the RB-1 Plus can be worth a buy.