Patriot A/T Review

Patriot A/T

The Patriot A/T is an all-terrain (as the name suggests), all-season tire meant for trucks and SUVs. It’s designed to have no compromises for off-road use while still being a good enough performer on the road. 

Everything from the tire’s tread design, siping detail, and tread compound seems to be optimized for dynamic all-weather performance, but how does the Patriot A/T perform in challenging real-world scenarios? Let’s find out. 

Patriot A/T Off-Road Capabilities

Let’s start with the Patriot A/T’s off-road potential since that’s where it’s primarily designed to excel. 

Well, thanks to the tire’s open shoulders, wide grooves, and staggered tread blocks, the tire provides tons of grip on uneven and soft off-road terrain. The tread is designed to clear out unwanted junk from the tire’s tread, such as rocks, slush, and mud. It keeps the footprint clean, helps maintain maximum road contact, and keeps stone retentions in check, preventing tread damage. 

Overall, the Patriot A/T provides steller off-road performance whether you drive it over gravel, loose soil, sand, grass, or mud.

On-Road Performance

The tire feels stable and responsive on pavement, too! The strong shoulder block and rib pattern boost maneuverability while the biting edges improve road grip. The tire offers a refined driving experience in city driving and slow speeds, but the stability declines at highway speeds.

The tire isn’t exceptionally comfortable or quiet due to the bulky tread design but provides an adequate ride quality at slower speeds. Remember that this tire’s natural habitat is off-road terrain, so an average on-road performance is pretty good in our books!

Wet Performance

The Patriot A/T provides ample traction and stability in wet conditions for normal day-to-day driving. Part of that comes from the tire’s enhanced hydroplaning solutions that keep water, slush, and mud out of the tire’s tread. You might experience some slippage if you drive unnecessarily fast or take sharp corners, but you obviously shouldn’t drive like that in the rain (or ever, for that matter). 

Winter Performance

The Patriot A/T is an all-season tire meant mainly for off-roading. Its tread compound is flexible enough to handle light snow, but the tire struggles in deep snow and ice. This means you’ll have adequate performance on light snow, but if you live in the northern areas or places that get long and brutal winters, this tire isn’t reliable enough for you. With that said, you won’t have enough winter traction for extreme weather with any all-season off-roading tire out there.  

Is It Durable?

Being an off-roading tire, Patriot has created one of the sturdiest tires out there. The tread pattern is designed to achieve the maximum amount of contact with the road, and that not only helps with dissipating driving pressure but also promotes even tread wear. It keeps the tire safe from uneven wear formations across its footprint, resulting in extended usability and longer-lasting tread life. 


The Patriot A/T is a star performer in offroad scenarios. If you’re in the market for a reliable off-roading tire that gets you through patches of hardpacked surfaces, mud, rocks, and grass — the Patriot A/T is a decent choice. It’s durable, reliable, tough, and relatively cheap for its category. However, if you’re mainly going to use your truck for highway driving or road trips, you might want to look at a highway truck tire.