Where Are Patriot Tires Made?

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Patriot Tires has been around in the American tire market for a little over half a decade. They’ve made quite a mark in this short span of 5 years. They’ve gained traction (no pun intended) in the budget category of SUV, passenger car, and light truck tires. Their main area of operation is the United States. They’re mostly established in the US — but some elements of production take place in Asia. In this article, we’ll look into all of that and more — so keep reading!

Where Are Patriot Tires Made?

Patriot tires are mostly manufactured in Omni United’s Taiwan factory. Their rubber compound is manufactured in Thailand and Malaysia. Patriot’s parent company is Omni United, and they’re known to keep every part of their business in the USA. However, certain facets of production are more practically feasible in Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia. 

Even though Patriot tires are manufactured abroad, the company makes an elaborate effort to follow strict safety and quality standards that match up to American competitors. Patriot’s appeal comes from their quality-driven approach while still offering their product line at a much lower price point than the competition. 

Despite being manufactured outside of the US, Patriot is highly confident in their quality standards, and that’s evident through their 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on every single Patriot tire. 

Where Are Patriot Tires Designed?

Even though Patriot tires are produced in Taiwan, they’re designed in the United States. The company retains as many processes in the US as possible, and that includes product research and design. 

Patriot tires are designed in the company’s Michigan office before the approved blueprints are sent to Asian countries like Taiwan for order production.

Patriot has a number of distribution centers and warehouses functioning in the US. This retains their supply chain reliability and keeps operating costs in check. 

Since most of the company’s processes are established in the US, buying their products directly supports American workers. The company’s US footprint is only growing bigger and bigger as the company gains more and more brand loyalty through its high bang-for-buck products.